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Redeeming Touch Massage is proud to offer you healing and rehabilitative services in a safe space through massage therapy. To jumpstart your level of comfort, meet your your therapist.

Jazmin Boudoir 2016-7Jazmin A Leader, LMT

Born and raised in Washington state, I have been passionate about helping others through whatever gift I can offer. As a graduate of Spectrum Center School of Massage, I now use the gift of touch to help those who are recovering from pregnancy, injuries, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and those who need a safe and healing environment where they can unwind their mind, body, and soul. I know first hand the many benefits of massage and I am eager to help return the love and care I has received in my lifetime.


A Letter to Future Clients:

“The gift of touch has truly blessed me throughout my life and I didn’t really know it until I began to learn more about massage. From sport injuries, motor vehicle collisions, emotional and mental traumas, and even in wellness environments, massage therapy helped me to become more grounded and whole. Healed.

After being in a high impact rear-end collision in April of 2017, massage therapy, in combination with chiropractic and physical therapy,  was an essential part of my long term recovery. The massage therapist I worked with was my direct referral to Spectrum Center School of Massage (the school where I graduated from). The success I experienced with my recovery process, ultimately led me to the success of completing school and beginning a new chapter in my life.

My passion behind helping others is now fueled with this new beautiful gift of touch. On top of wanting to give back to the community in the ways I was helped, I wanted to offer a little more.

As a mother of two, I have experienced different pregnancies, losses, different births, and different postpartum recoveries. I have struggled with maintaining pregnancies, and I have struggled with vacating my uterus. I have had success and failure with breast feeding too. Massage therapy was, and still is, an essential part of bouncing back from all of that. The stress of new motherhood, and motherhood with a twist having more than one child to look after, it all adds up.

My personal goal is to help parents, especially moms, to transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, there are a lot of pressures that build up and can delay or impinge on the beauty of parenthood. For those still struggling with fertility, I am here for you too.

But that’s not all.

As a survivor of childhood molestation, I also understand the virtue of consensual touch.  Which is why this too is my personal goal.

I want to ensure to you that each session is catered to your needs, and I want to honor and value your consent to be touched in a way that is healing and redemptive. It is precisely why I chose to name this business: Redeeming Touch Massage.

Offering you a safe environment, and treating each individual session with special care and dedication to your wants and needs, is my highest goal, and honor.

I have the utmost respect to my instructors that helped to guide me and give me an avenue to fuel my desire to give back, and to utilize my passion to combine healing and bodywork. But more importantly, I am so honored that YOU have considered to join me on this journey. That you would allow me the opportunity to be a part of your plan.

I look forward to meeting you.”

-Jazmin A Leader, LMT