Your First Visit

During my time at school, and since, I have learned to honor every body separately from the ones I have helped before. Not one massage is the same from person to person, or even session to session with the same person.

Every massage session is catered uniquely to you

With that in mind, I firmly believe in assessing the body before a session begins. I also believe in asking you questions that could help me to better understand your mental, emotional, and physical stress levels.

Due to needing to have a physical and verbal assessment, your first session will be the longest. On top of your reservation time, I will need an additional 20 minutes prior to your reservation to do the assessment and to review your Detailed Health History with you. I will confirm the schedule with the additional needed time for your first session.

Every session after your first, I only require 10 minutes before your reservation time to set up and do a quick “since the last session” review.  This allows us both to be more mentally and physically aware of what your body is carrying and how I can help you during that session.

Information and Suggestions

  • Prior to your massage, please remove contact lenses and all jewelry. Pull long hair back with a clip or a band.
  • In general, massage is given while you are unclothed. However, you may choose to wear undergarments or a swimsuit. You will be covered with a top sheet throughout your session. This is your massage and you should be as comfortable as possible.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions before, during, or after your session. As a trained professional I am happy to make you feel informed and comfortable.