What to Expect

As a mobile massage therapist, I come to wherever is most convenient for you.  Since I don’t have an office space where you would show up 15 minutes before your scheduled massage to fill out paperwork, all of the needed forms are filled out online.
I send them all directly to you to fill out from the comfort of your home, on your time.

You provide the space, I provide the table. 

In order to ensure the safety of the client and therapist, there are a few steps that take place to get the ball rolling.

Step 1: Initial Contact
The first step is filling out the Initial Contact & Reservation Request Form.
This step is to provide me with a brief overview of your needs, and your general availability.

Step 2: The Interview
After reviewing your contact form, I will communicate with you within 48 hours.
This part of the communication is so that I can interview you as a new client, and so that you can interview me as your new massage therapist. By the end of the interview we can decide to move forward and schedule your reservation, or refer you out to a different therapist.

Step 3: Appointment Confirmation
Once the interview is complete and an appointment is set up, I will send you a confirmation email. This email will confirm your reservation, as well as contain documents for you to fill out and complete prior to your reservation. It will also give you access to the Client Portal.

Step 4: Day of Massage
This is where the real journey begins!
I arrive 10 minutes early to do a pre-massage assessment. We go over your health history and we set goals and begin tracking them.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

After our first session, together we will be doing a mental, emotional, and physical review prior to each reservation.

It is easy to get wrapped into the stress of all that is expected of you as a person, parent, spouse, etc. So be mindful to remember to breathe in through your nose, and out. Be intentional with your goal setting and action steps for self care. Self care is a really important part in maintaining positive changes.

My goal is to not only perform bodywork on you, but to work with you to help achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to simply relax and unwind, or to improve your range of motion, etc. I want to make sure you feel heard, and that with consensual touch, we can accomplish your goals as a team.