Health Insurance Tips

Although Redeeming Touch Massage does not accept health insurance, there are still ways to maximize your benefits even while you are paying out of pocket!

Here are two ways we can help:

1. Health Savings Account/ Flexible Spending Account (HSA/FSA) Cards

RTM is approved to accept payments for your sessions using your HSA/FSA cards. As a licensed health care provider, I am a qualified person to see for your health concerns.
It is important that you see your doctor for any health concerns you have at any given time, but after you consult with your doctor, just ask them ask for a prescription or referral for massage therapy and let’s get you scheduled!

Please note, asking for a prescription or referral does not always mean that that is the only consideration to your needs. Truly look into what options are best for you and set a game plan with your doctor.
If massage therapy is an appropriate choice for your current situation, then I would love to see you!

2. Reimbursement for Massage Therapy

Not all health insurance plans offer reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

RTM has successfully been able to guide clients into requesting reimbursement for their care. Massage therapy can be a benefit on your health insurance plan, but your inability to find an in-network provider, lack of therapists, or availability of therapists in your area might have lead you to asking me to come to you.

While keeping my prices at a reasonable range, I still understand that sometimes we need that extra bit of help to make the most of care and finances.

My suggestion to you if you would like to seek this route is to call your health insurance provider. Verify your benefits (make sure massage is a covered benefit), and simply ask what steps can you take to submit a reimbursement for the sessions you pay out of pocket.

From there I help you by building up a Super Bill of your completed and paid visits for you to hand to your insurance company. Some extra details may be needed such as:
-a doctors prescription
-diagnosis code(s),
and chart notes

Although I have been successful in helping clients receive reimbursement, reimbursement is not always guaranteed.