Valerie K.

“It’s always an amazing experience! You are so great at what you do!”

Ricky N.

Hands down the best massage I’ve had in a long while. Pressure is on point. She came to my home and she created an atmosphere that helped me to relax and unwind. I was truly surprised with the whole experience in the best way possible. Can’t wait to schedule one for my wife!

Jennifer S.

Jazmin is an amazing therapist!!! She did cupping with a deep tissue massage. She gave me stretches to work on my problem areas, was very informative and thorough on my massage. I would highly recommend her! I can’t wait for my next message!

Joanne M.

I am so glad I reached out to Jazmin for a massage! After a yoga session, my arms fell asleep and felt like pins and needles the day afterwards. Needless to say, it was pretty alarming. It was so wonderful to have her in my home where I was comfortable. She put me at ease immediately. She was very thorough in her explanation of what she was doing, every step of the way. She made comfortable, natural small talk. During the massage, she applied the perfect amount of pressure. She was super professional, and her massage felt wonderful. At my next yoga session: NO NUMBNESS!! I am looking forward to my next massage with Jazmin!!

Erin N.

Everything about Jazmin and her healing modalities is amazing! She has the perfect depth of touch and her knowledge of the body is phenomenal. I love the exercises at home she shares with me and the availability to meet my needs!

Kayla D.

I love receiving massage from Jazmin! She has helped me with headaches, low back pain, stiff shoulders, and more.

Leslie B.

Jazmin is amazing! I love that she is mobile and is able to come to my home to give me a massage. Her pressure is on point! She is highly personable and a great massage therapist. I love that she knows my body and observes even slight changes/tightness with my positioning (i.e. one hip is higher than the other). She provides tips/stretches to help if needed. I highly recommend Jazmin!

Kerstin L.

Jazmin & Redeeming Touch Massage is as good as it gets! She’s skilled, caring and comes to you!! Or if you’d like you can go to her office. She is well versed in pregnancy and postpartum care as well. I’ve been using Redeeming Touch Massage since she opened and will continue for years to come! If you’re thinking of getting a massage, or many! You won’t regret your decision!

Erin N

The relief I got from my appointments with RTM was indescribable. My stress and anxiety levels were lowered, my muscles were in a state of relaxation as I headed into open heart surgery. I am convinced that because of the work that was done on my chest prior to surgery that my recovery went to well. Even my post-op appointment was amazing and therapeutic and help with some positional issues I had from surgery! J definitely has a way of listening to our body and knowing what we need without adding discomfort!

Samantha F.

I am a dental assistant for kids. Which, in my opinion can be very mentally tiring and physically hard on my body. I have had carpal tunnel, stiff shoulders and aching lower back/sciatic problems. I first started seeing Jazmin when she was in school learning and have always wanted to keep seeing her since! She made me feel like I’ve known her for a long time the first time we met which is a big deal being I understand body consciousness. She is such a well rounded person in keeping me comfortable, targeting my problem area, she adjusted to my needs, very thorough and would explain the science of what she’s doing and why when I’d ask, she helped me relax on the massage table as well as off the table giving me great tips to not be so strained till my next visit. My pain has diminished greatly since seeing her as well as helped my healing/conditioning in my post operative carpal tunnel surgery. I got to experience her growth in doing what she loves to do, she wants to help people! And that growth is such a blooming sight from her kindness, her knowledge, her techniques. She understands the array of people in this world and she does not want you to feel like you are not deserving of a massage, wether it be for relaxation or discomfort. She accomadates everyone! She is so flexible in fulfilling your needs and goals. I recommend her to my fellow co workers, friends, and family. Not only did I find life long massage therapist, I found a life long friend!