Redeeming Touch Massage, LLC offers therapeutic mobile massage, catering to meet you and your needs from the comfort of your home.

Due to the global pandemic regarding COVID-19, all appointments are postponed until Washington State’s stay at home order is lifted. If you are suffering from severe or acute pain, and cannot self manage at home and wanting to avoid going to an urgent care or emergency room, appointments can be arranged. 


Jazmin About Me Photo

Jazmin A. Leader, LMT
License #: MA6087642

Born and raised in Washington state, I have been passionate about helping others through whatever gift I can offer. As a graduate of Spectrum Center School of Massage, I now use the gift of touch to help those who are recovering from pregnancy, injuries, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and those who need a safe and healing environment where they can unwind their mind, body, and soul. I know first hand the many benefits of massage and I am eager to help return the love and care I have received in my lifetime.

My passion for massage stemmed from a long history of personal injuries and awesome therapists that made my recovery their priority. Through those experiences I realized I required different types of care specific to my needs.

To ensure top quality care, I have coupled my modalities in: Cupping & Gua-Sha, Thai, Passive Stretching, Ayurveda, Somatic & Therapeutic Touch, and Pregnancy Swedish Massage. I approach the body as a whole system and practice what I call “Whole Body Balancing”.

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Understanding the power of touch is such a powerful tool. The video below was gifted to me during one of my classes in Massage School and I firmly believe it can make a difference in your life.

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